The Heart

What I call THE HEART is complete stillness that is potent, emptiness that is full. Some call it the All that IS, Infinity, Oneness, Nothingness, Ground, Unity (undifferentiated) or Eternity. There is no beginning or end. To say it is formless still gives it form, creating conception of I & Thou, which I consider to be The HEART or Unity expressed as diversity of interdependent, inter-relational or inter-being experience.

At its deepest understanding THE HEART is beyond conception. Emerging from THE HEART, the first beats, emanations, waves, pulsations I consider to be Unity (differentiated) as Diversity. That is, THE HEART awakening with the subtle murmurings of light, of vibration, the knowing of form and formless, stillness and movement, waves and the ocean.

Our Essential Nature is THE HEART. Divine Intelligence is the original beat, the original impulse emerging from THE HEART. This primary impulse calls us, vibrates us, awakens us, orchestrates our lives into form through our the tangible yet intangibility of our bodily fluids, our waters.

Life experiences, conditioning, hurt, pain, suffering can sometimes trigger us to forget our sense of Being, our Essential Nature. Even so - we have the gift of being personal luminous expressions of THE HEART. Meaning, we have enfolded within us the very wisdom, the Divine Intelligence that creates, nurtures and is life. It is always present and creating.