Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions are listening to what IS and what could BE,

as they are one and the same in the flow of creation.

There is reverence and wonder for our existence, for the Mystery of life, which creates a nurtured space for creative possibilities and potential, supporting a better sense of wellbeing or wholeness.

As human beings or animals or life forms, as nature, we have different anatomy and physiology in the physical body, as well as energetic, emotional, mental, organismic, familial, social, cultural, collective and spiritual anatomies (to name a few), which interrelate to make us who we are, and perceive as a local event in this particular space - time continuum. We are all unique and have never been before in this particular expression of embodiment.


Primary Creative Intelligence through movements such as waves, pulsations, spirals - emanated life, manifesting form through the fluids of the cells, through the womb, through the oceans of the earth, it continues to sustain, nourish and evolve us. As it is us. Meaning, we have enfolded within

our biology, the very wisdom, the Intelligence that creates, nurtures and is life. 

Some life experiences can disrupt our sense of wellbeing and affect the expression of this Primary Intelligence, some have called this Intelligence our Life Source or Force. It expresses in myriad ways. Personal sessions are an exploration for each person and what they wish to work with - they are the culmination of 35 + years of various life experiences and trainings supporting each session.


Initial Session approximately 1 1/2 hours and is $175.

Regular sessions $125 per hour.

Children 8 and under

Initial children's session 1 1/2 hours $125

Regular sessions $75 per hour.


DISTANCE SESSIONS are available through Skype | Facetime | Phone

On location sessions are available with reimbursement

for travel time and costs.

Times after or before 8 am - 10 pm

are an additional $50 per session.

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For initial sessions, please download the Session Intake Form on the left. Print & bring to your first session

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