in The Galapagos Islands

2020 Dates to be announced

Most of us are familiar with the Galapagos Islands due to the Theory of Evolution and naturalist Charles Darwin's visit to the islands. Their isolation and purity provide fertility for many diverse forms of life to emerge, thus inspiring Darwin to develop his Theory of Natural Selection and his seminal work On The Origin of the Species, that was groundbreaking and controversial at the time for scientists.


The Galapagos was Darwins' muse. Our own bodies, our own biology not separate from the biology of the Galapagos will be our muse on this 7 night, 8 day adventure into experiential wonder. 


Evolution can be viewed as movement, as process, as a spiral. The spiral can be seen as a primary motif or language of life. We can see spirals in spinning galaxies, in weather systems, in sunflowers and sea shells, in waves, in knots in trees and so forth. When we have movement, we have nourishment, with movement we also have choices - nourishment and choices means we inhabit greater versatility and can adapt to unfolding circumstances in our lives.


Water teaches this, as a medium that conducts movement - through waves, spirals and pulsations, it always finds a way, and so does the natural world of the Galapagos reveal ingenuity and adaptability.Through Fluid Movement explorations each day, we dive into our own internal waters for direct felt sense experience of life's primary creative matrix. We will then behold the creative matrix at play all around us in the natural world of the Galapagos on daily excursions.


The retreat includes airport transfers, all meals, daily fluid movement explorations, a naturalist guide with trips to other nearby islands as well as lava tunnels, cloud forest, beach hiking and sea kayaking in secluded bays.

There will be the chance to swim with sea lions and penguins, spot flamingos, marine iguanas, blue footed boobies and even sharks; this UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve offers the perfect melding of somatic movement explorations, and an unblemished example of a wild and natural world