Flow Awareness™

Life is an emergent creative process

Why is there life on earth? Well, that is still an ongoing inquiry. However, one reason is the presence and gift of water. The earth, our big blue planet is primarily oceanic. Our bodies mirror this, being between 65-80% water. In many ways, we are a walking ocean, yet we often forget this or take it for granted.

In Flow Awareness™ ~ a person can connect deeply with their own innate life force and get a sense of their natural fluidity, a flowing, breathing wholeness. 

As sentient beings and life forms, as nature, we have different anatomy and physiology in the physical body, as well as energetic, emotional, mental, organismic, familial, social, cultural, collective and spiritual anatomies, to name a few, which interrelate to make us who we are and perceive as a local event in this particular space-time continuum. We are each unique and have never been before in this particular expression of embodiment.

If we observe all around us we can see that Nature creates by using spirals, waves, and pulsation. The waters of the earth flow in this way and are fundamental to life. If we look at the rings in trees, the spirals in seashells or sunflowers or the buzzing of bees, we can start seeing this everywhere. There is a world of movement and biological intelligence (bio-intelligence) that we are inexplicably a part of, and that is us.

Flowing in the Wonder of Water
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Flow Awareness™ acknowledges this creative Intelligence, which, through non-linear movements such as waves, pulsations, spirals, enfolding, folding and unfolding evolves life. It could be said that the original “language” of life is movement. Why wouldn’t this natural movement be occurring within us – if we are water? 

The flow of life is manifesting form through the fluids of the cells, through the womb, through the oceans of the earth, it continues to sustain, nourish, and evolve us. As it is us.

We have enfolded within our own biology the very wisdom that creates, nurtures, and is life. Some life experiences can disrupt our sense of wellbeing and affect the expression of this creative intelligence, which some also call our Life Force. It expresses in a myriad ways.

Flow Awareness™ is a gentle somatic education and holistic awareness process that utilizes supportive touch to move beyond habitual patterns and responses. A process of becoming aware of the deeper subtle movements orchestrating from inside – rather than from outside, deepening our relationship with the flow of life.

Personal sessions in Flow Awareness™ are an exploration for each person and what they wish to work with. The process developed from the culmination of 30 + years of various life experiences and training,  that also supports each session. There is reverence and wonder for our existence, for the Mystery of life, which creates a nurtured space for creative possibilities and potential. This can be supportive of a better sense of wellbeing or wholeness.

Practitioner Training Program in Flow Awareness™

A 1000-hour practitioner training program in Flow Awareness™ will be announced soon.

Contact [email protected] for details.