Continuum Classes and Workshops

Continuum Classes & Workshops

What we call life is an emergent creative process

Why is there life on earth?

There may not be an answer, rather than a question to live into. A tangible reason is the presence and gift of water. Our bodies are between 65%-80% water, we are a walking ocean. We can connect with our natural fluid intelligence by using sound, breath and deep listening to our own inner stirrings or intrinsic movements. We can see that Nature creates by using vibration, spirals, waves, and pulsation. The waters of the earth also flow in this way. It could be said that the “language” of life is movement. 

Engaging in Continuum helps develop deeper focus, flexibility to meet different circumstances and self-awareness as a whole bodily knowing. It is a gentle and supportive way to foster creativity and self-care for anyone, from athletes, artists, practitioners, to people with most forms of health issues. With Continuum anyone can participate, it does not need a developed physical prowess or fitness.

Continuum & Somatic Movement 2021 Workshop Schedule for San Diego

Continuum Classes & Workshops Online



Life. Birthed from the swirling waters of the ocean. We came into manifest being through the spiraling fluids of the embryo. A sea of creative potency and primordial awakening. Through the practice of Continuum journey home into the natural fluidity of our bodies, where hearts, eyes, limbs and cells resonate with the flowing waters of life. Breath, sound and movement awaken the body’s inner sea generating discoveries that inform relationship with ourselves and the world.

This 4 class series explores the interconnection between our own bodies and the larger oceanic stirrings of life. Through breath, sound, movement and imagination we broaden our experience and find new ways of being and relating through the wisdom of water.

Dates: March 6th, 13th, 20th, 22nd

Time: 3 x Saturdays 10:00 AM – 12 PM                                              Monday 22nd, World Water Day from 7pm-9pm.

A link will be sent via email to access the series online.

Fee: $145, no one turned away due to fees during Covid.
Pre-registration is required
Contact [email protected]



I have never known a moment in my life without Water. All that we are and all that we cherish would not exist without water. Yet we often take Waters existence and place in our life for granted. I hope you can join myself and others in changing that, in our own ways. 

Monday March 22nd is World Water Day. 

The whole class series The Sea Within, is a lead up to World Water Day 2021. 

It is also a series designed to participate with World Water Year 2021, a year of radical healing created by Shelley Ostroff and her partner Yan Golding. “When we unite across nations and cultures to prioritize the restoration of the planetary Waters and Water-cycle, we will activate an exponential healing process that will swiftly and dramatically benefit all of humanity and all of Life.”



Performances celebrating World Water Day, World Water Year and the World Water Law.
by Watermark Arts

March 21st, The day before World Water Day at 10 AM PST.

Email [email protected] with questions.

The choreography of eternity knows no boundaries ~ in the fluids love becomes manifest.