Continuum is a way to fully inhabit our life experience by connecting with the natural fluid origins of our bodies.

The use of sound, breath, attuned internal awareness and engagement with intrinsically generated movements, sensations and perceptions enhances the capacity for presence. Creative dexterity can emerge from connecting with deeper evolutionary impulses.

Continuum is gentle and nearly anyone can participate in personal sessions, classes and workshops.  

Please see the schedule.



Often people new to Continuum classes and workshops ask –“is it a restorative yoga class?” “Is it meditation or mindfulness?”  “a somatic or embodiment practice?”  An answer is – just like water – it does not really take the shape of ONE thing or a practice. It may have elements of many practices – yet it is none of these at the same time, nor can it be defined or limited by an approach or be made to fit an approach philosophy. It could be conceived as closer to an ongoing journey or quest, a form of inquiry.

What does it mean to be water? To be movement? What does it feel like? Seldom do we create opportunities where we slow down, go within ourselves and listen to internal impulses. What does it feel like to move from within, in a way that is spontaneous, unexpected, flowing, and free? Can we connect with our life force? Can we ride waves of nourishment through procuring our capacities for felt-sense experience?

To honor all that Continuum encompasses would be to describe it as open experience – where awareness is experience – a continuum of response and whole bodied being. A creative process of discovery and learning where we deeply engage with ourselves in a gentle and natural way.