Prue Jeffries Biography

I have a deep reverence for the gift, the art & artist that we are, known as life. A WONDER THAT IS SACRED.

Prue Jeffries was often described as a pioneer and visionary of Women’s Surfing. She spent two decades traveling the world on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour, now known as the WSL (World Surf League) where she was one of the world’s best athletes, an internationally published writer, editorial consultant, brand ambassador, event producer, and filmmaker.Since retiring from competitive life Prue has spent many years as a practitioner and guide supporting people to find greater well being, self-awareness and embodiment. 

Prue is a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) a BCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist) an  RCST ® (Registered Craniosacral Therapist) and a Continuum Teacher. She is an Approved Teacher of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and a member of the Continuum Teachers Association. Prue has also developed and teachs practitioners in her own modality. She also serves as Creative Director for the somatic awareness and arts endeavor Watermark Arts.

Surfing for Prue is a spiritual and artistic endeavor that has informed her deeply and has now become a response and expression of the creative genius and flow of life.

Prue blends a refined kinesthetic sense, well-tuned focusing and perceptual abilities with a broad experiential knowledge from her life long affinity with nature, water, waveforms, stillness, and movement that includes an understanding of the body from her athletic career and training in various healing, spiritual and body-centered approaches for bringing forth our wholeness and sense of well-being.

She brings deep presence expressed in gentle and unassuming lightness and exuberance bubbling forth from a heart filled nurturing virtuosity that is informed by her extensive life experiences and devotion to personal contemplative practices in order to guide and support people in reclaiming their wholeness and unity.

“Since a young child, I have had a fascination with health & wellness, and a deep love affair with the creativity & beauty of Nature. 

I was nourished & educated by this relationship. I felt a sense of awe, knowing that a vast Creator & Nurturer was orchestrating all that existed, an Intelligence beyond comprehension.

I feel this Intelligence is our indivisible wholeness, therefore, our inherent creative and healing wisdom which supports our capacity to flow within the many layers, dimensions and contextual realities of our Being – whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and more. 

I believe we can touch inside ourselves where we are unconditioned and free – deeply held and loved, our Essential or True Nature, our Source, what I call the HEART. I feel love whispered all into existence and holds us in cohesive unity.

​I enjoy holding a comfortable relational space that supports exploration and claiming of our inherent healing wisdom, our relationship with ourselves and so our wholeness.

I am convinced we can all be surfers with the waves of life, living consistently as embodied expressions of our essential nature & unity.

We can dance, surf, create, embrace and respond as the flow, the breath of source, the beats of the heart.”

Bee Finding Pollen in Flower

I am Movement in Stillness

You are Stillness in Movement

We are the beating Heart


The Dance of




I am Nature

You are Nature