The moment one

gives close attention

To anything,

even a blade of grass it becomes

a mysterious, awesome,


magnificent world

within itself

~ Henry Miller

BODY OF WONDER combines 30 + years of travelling the world, being with the creative genius of nature, water, wave forms, movement, stillness, personal contemplative explorations and experiences, combined with studies in the healing arts, movement and wellness field.


Various awareness based approaches and embodiment practices are used to share experiences that support exploring our inherent Unity. A perspective is that we are the infinite expressing in ongoing flowing artistry. We are fluid beings, in that we are an embodiment of dynamic stillness and flow, of indivisible Wholeness.


In another context we also have a physical body, and just like the Earth, we are primarily made of fluid. We were created and formed within fluid, so we have a direct biological organismic experience of fluidity through our own waters and that of the earths. Through the practices offered with these understandings and perspectives, we can explore and develop a greater sense of creativity, connection, wellness and growth - of wholeness.

BODY OF WONDER offerings foster a natural curiosity to emerge. We explore new possibilities of ongoing wholeness. We reclaim our knowing of ourselves as

an evolutionary impulse, as the flow of life which is Creations Ocean. 


We journey into our biology through different awareness and embodiment practices developing and refining our proprioception, interoception, our various and diverse sensing and relating abilities as sentient beings to find creativity, freedom, peace and a deeper sense of belonging in ourselves and the world.


We move beyond patterning, habits and limitations just like the water we are and discover new ways of expressing our life's meaning. 

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“Water is life, it is nourishment, it is whole, integrated and resonant. It is in the plants and trees, the rivers, the oceans, the air we breathe and throughout space.
Water is everywhere. It is a mysterious bridge between formless and form, stillness and movement, the intangible
and tangible and best of all it is inside All Of US - It is US.

The Hummingbird