The unfolding of life is the flow of the sacred, expressed in our biology. We are an infinite process, in a continually dancing relationship of interdependence and wholeness within ourselves and the larger creation surrounding us.


Conditioning in the many forms it takes - physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual can seem to disrupt our sense of being, our wholeness and health, interrupting our flow as waves and rhythms of Creations Ocean.

BODY OF WONDER offerings include personal sessions, workshops and retreats that support discovering ourselves as the full expression of dynamic stillness and flow that is indivisible wholeness. Our Unity.


Holding the perspective that our bodies are primarily fluid - water and therefore wave potential. We explore our intrinsic bio-intelligent movements, the very movements that emerged to conceive us, to conduct our embryological organization and development, and continue to create us into the beings we are in this very moment.


These movements are universal motifs, creative potency, swirling to form galaxies and planets, oceans and mountains, birds and flowers - and us. We explore the magic creative genius that is orchestrating within our body fluids and tissues, embodying the flow of the infinite.

About Prue

Since I was a very young

child I have had a fascination with health and wellness, along with a deep love affair with the creativity and beauty of nature.


Body of Wonder retreats facilitate awareness of the infinite expressing as our biology through   embodiment practices that can bring about a sense of wellbeing.


When we are living as flowing expressions of our Essential Nature, Our Unity we feel nourished to embrace the vicissitudes and experiences of life - as we are the Embrace.